& Fin & Dk & Ltu Champion
Fin Lure Coursing Champion
Charlotte'russe Esmeralda

Margiitan Bolshoj Baccanal /
Int&Fin&S&Est Ch Margiitan Huhtikuunhuumaa)
Owner: Liisa Tuominen and breeder



Photo:Charlotta Sevon

"Tinttu" is the first Scandinavian Borzoi being both Working Champion and International Beauty Champion!

Winner of the FBC's Lure-Courser-Race in 1999 (SBK-99)
BOS in Finnish Lure coursing Champion-race 2001 (SMM)

BOS-Working-Dog at the Finnish Speciality Show in 2003
Copenhagen Winner 2004 (KBHV-04)
International Champion
Finnish, Danish and Lithuanian Champion
Finnish Field Champion (lure coursing)
First Scandinavian borzoi ever to become both International beauty champion AND Lure coursing champion


Finnish Borzoi Club's
BOB All-round 1999
TOP 10 All-round 2000
BOB Field 1999
TOP 10 Field 2000 & 2001


Tinttu represents the old Finnish borzoi-type both in coloring and type. She was our jewel. All our dogs have worshiped her since she was a little puppy. But she was not only an extremely well tempered dog but also beautiful and a clever hunter. She has passed on her fantastic qualities to her puppies. 
In them we can see a little bit of our precious Tinttu every day.
She is dam to our
F-, G- and H-litter.

Photo:Petteri Ojala
© Petteri Ojala
Tinttu at the age of two.

© Paula Tiittanen
 Tinttu at the age of eight.

Photo:Charlotta Sevon

A proud Synnöve smiling about the triple win at the lure coursing competition. Tinttu and her two sons Ferrari and Ferdinand won 1st 2nd and 3rd place at a lure coursing competition in 2000.

Tinttu almost 10 years old (August 2006)

the loving mother Tinttu with her puppies.



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