Margiitan Bolshoj Baccanal


(Int & Dk Ch BjgSg Zarina's Diavolo / Margiitan ÷delia ÷zbaazia)
breeder: Margit Ršty, Orimattila Finland
owner: kennel Charlotte'russe


CAC winner

Reserv Cacib winner



Photo:Paula Tiittanen


Bolshoj was our big silver-white male who never uttered a harsh word during his life. 
From birth he was a philosopher minding his own business, which was usually carrying around silver spoons instead of eating like his brothers did. 
He was an unusually soft and easy male dog.

He, like his brothers, was very big and had a lot of bone so it is not surprising that he wasn't ready developing until his fifth birthday. At six-seven years of age he looked his best. His owner, that is Charlotta, on the other hand was so inexperienced and eager with shows when Bolshoj was young, that she took him to all kinds of beauty shows much too early, at a time when he was still growing like mad. Big dogs require a lot of time and patience, which we learned by experiencing it. Finally when he was ready for it Charlotta took him to Finland's biggest show "Winner of the year" in Helsinki at the end of 1997, and he came second getting his first certificate and reserve-CACIB.

Because of unfortunate circumstances he was not shown enough later in his life in order for him to get his two other certificates required for the champion-title. Never the less, he was our own champion. He has carried on his fantastic nature to his many children and grandchildren. Among them you can find international champions, 
show-champions and/or working- champions. He is sire to our first litter, the
C-litter our E-litter and he is also sire to the A-litter at kennel Belajeva's (Helsinki, Finland).

Photo:Paula Tiittanen

Photo:Charlotta Sevon

Bolshoj at the age of four.

Bolshoj and his brother and best friend Peppi in 2000.


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