The Finnish Borzoi Club's list for year 2011 :

Lure coursing borzoi 2011
BOB  SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Mercedes
#5 SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Leopold
#8 PMM-11 Charlotte'russe Magnolia
#12 Charlotte'russe Manolito
#16 Charlotte'russe Lucifer
#26 Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene
#60 shared place Charlotte'russe Marco Polo and Charlotte'russe Jekaterina

© Ella Niinistö

Lure coursing -new comer 2011:
BOB  SMM-11Charlotte'russe Mercedes
#4 SMM-11Charlotte'russe Leopold
#7 PMM-11 Charlotte'russe Magnolia
#11 Charlotte'russe Lucifer
#13 Charlotte'russe Manolito
#18 Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene
#30 shared place Charlotte'russe Marco Polo and Charlotte'russe Jekaterina

© Ella Niinistö


2 x International dogshow in Jyväskylä 19.11 and 20.11.2011
 19.11: reserve-CAC Charlotte'russe Ludwig
Thank you judge Rodney McDowell (Ireland)! 
20.11: CAC and NEW FINNISH CHAMPION Charlotte'russe Ludwig
Congrats to owner Virva and her family! 


The Finnish Borzoiclub's lure coursing Master-championships in Jaala 1.10.2011
SBKn maastomestaruus 2011
Over 50 borzois were competeing!
WINNER: SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Mercedes CQ 521 points
BOS and second: SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Leopold CAC 501 points

#6: Charlotte'russe Lucifer CAC 489 points
#14 C'r Isolde's daughter Marosnaje Anjushka Agafia CQ 468 points
#18: Charlotte'russe Manolito CQ 462 points
#19: Charlotte'russe Jekaterina (LC debut) CQ 460 points
#20: Charlotte'russe Marco Polo (LC debut) CQ 460 points 
Congrats to everyone :-) 

© Tarja Mäkinen


International dogshow in Rome, Italy 1.10.2011
BIG-2 BOB CAC CACIB Charlotte'russe Leoncavallo
Thank you judges Alfredo Alessandra (Italy) and Maria Louise Doppelreiter (Austria)! 
Congrats to owner Marcella and her family! 


International lure coursing competition in Helsinki 25.9.2011
#2 of males: Charlotte'russe Manolito with CAC  
Charlotte'russe Isolde's daughter Marosnaje Anastasija Ljuba was winner of the bitches with CACIL and CAC
Congrats to everyone :-) 


Sighthound speciality show in Tampere 18.9
over 50 borzois were entered
BM-2 CAC SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Leopold
BM-3 reserve-cac Charlotte'russe Lucifer

CIB Charlotte'russe Hillvilldur 2nd in veteranclass with CQ
Charlotte'russe Malcolm 4th in openclass
BOB-breeder with honorsprize: kennel Charlotte'russe

© Marika Elomaa


National dogshow in Porvoo 10.9.2011
BOB and CAC SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Leopold
Congrats to Tina and Rokke :-)



Lure coursing competition in Kuopio 10.9.2011
WINNER: SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Mercedes with CAC and 524 points
#2: PMM-11 Charlotte'russe Magnolia with CAC and 494 points 
Charlotte'russe Isolde's son Marosnaje Aifal Aristoful was 4th with CQ
Congrats to everyone :-) 

© Marko Tuominniemi - My Shot
Magnolia running in the first round :-)


SMM-10 Paris-Paloma Fi-It has been bred with SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Leopold 29.8 and 30.8.
If all goes well we will have puppies in the beginning of November!
For more info look under puppies :-) 


Finnish Lure Coursing Championships SMM-11 28.8.2011
WINNER of males: Charlotte'russe Leopold 

winning the title SMM-11 and CAC
WINNER of females: Charlotte'russe Mercedes
winning the title SMM-11 and CAC
The male who took 2. place is Charlotte'russe Isolde's son Marosnaje Aifal Aristoful!
And the female who took 2. place is also Charlotte'russe Isolde's daughter Marosnaje Anastasija Ljuba!
Charlotte'russe Manolito gained 6th place with CQ
PMM-11 Charlotte'russe Magnolia gained 5. place with Q
Big Congrats to all the owners involved!!

© Mari Asikainen
SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Leopold

© Mari Asikainen
SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Mercedes



Heinola dogshow 22.08.2011
BM-2 CAC Charlotte'russe Leopold
Thank you judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland!


Turku dogshow 14.08.2011
CAC Charlotte'russe Malcolm
Thank you judge Eli-Marie Klepp, Norway! 

© Lotta Järvinen


Saarijärvi dogshow 06.08.2011
BM-2 reserve-cac Charlotte'russe Kontzales
Thank you judge Tanja Ahlman-Stockmari, Finland!


International dogshow, Vejen in Denmark 31.7.2011
BOB CAC CACIB new Danish Champion Arina Mraja
Thank you judge Marit Sunde, Norge!
Arina is co-owned with kennel Marelden in Sweden :-)


Helsinki Internatiional dogshow 23.7.2011
BM-3 CAC Charlotte'russe Leopold
BM-4 reserve-Cac Charlotte'russe Lucifer

Thank you judge Kari Salminen, Finland!
Congratulations to Leopold's and Lucifer's owners Tina & Roger!!

© Johanna Hellgren

© Johanna Hellgren

BM-3 CAC Charlotte'russe Leopold

BM-4 reserve-Cac Charlotte'russe Lucifer



Pöytyä dogshow 17.7.2011
BM-2 CAC Charlotte'russe Ludwig
Thank you judge Outi Piisi-Putta, Finland!
Congratulations to Ludwig's owner Virva with family!!

© Katja Nurmi


Tampere International Lure coursing 10.7.2011
WINNER: Charlotte'russe Magnolia 483 points CAC CACIL and the title PMM-11
Charlotte'russe Manolito was nr 4. of the males with 416 points with CQ :-)

© Ella Niinistö


International dogshow in Italy 3.7.2011
BOS, CAC and CACIB Charlotte'russe Leoncavallo
Thank you judge Ernesto Capra, Italy
Congrats to owner Marcella and her husband Paolo :-)


Kokkola International dogshow 3.7.2011
CAC BM-3 Charlotte'russe Ludwig
Charlotte'russe Kontzales was also there and got excellent
Thank you judge Birgitta Svartstad, Sweden
Congratulations to Ludwig's and Kontzale's owner Virva with family!!

© Seija Piippo


Karjaa dogshow 3.7.2011
CAC BM-2 Charlotte'russe Lucifer
Thank you judge Branislav Rajic, Slovenia
Congratulations to Lucifer's owners Tina and Roger!!

© Ella Niinistö


Kouvola Lure coursing 2.7.2011
Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene LCAC 
and came second with 250 points, only loosing with 3 points to the winner :-)
Charlotte'russe Magnolia, 245 points CQ, coming 4. with the same points as the 3. :-)
Charlotte'russe Leopold was 4. of the males with 210 points with CQ :-)
Finals were not held because of the weather being too warm.

© Jari Kyllönen


Riihimäki dogshow 19.6.2011
BOB CAC Charlotte'russe Lucifer
Thank you judge Tuula Savolainen
Congratulations to Lucifer's owners Tina and Roger!!

© Jin


Seinäjoki Lure coursing 18.6.2011
WINNER: Charlotte'russe Mercedes winning LCAC with 542 points!!  
And she was also BEST IN FIELD with the highest points of all breeds in the whole competition!!!!!

© Ella Niinistö



Kotka INT show 18.6.2011
Charlotte'russe Leopold BM-3 with reserve-CAC and reserve-Cacib which will be confirmed as CACIB
Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene BB-4
Thank you judge Cristian Stefanescu, Romania

© Essi Vuohu

© Essi Vuohu
Lili Marlene



Finland's first team-lure-coursing-competition for all hounds in Mustiala 12.6.2011
The team Charlotte'russe Lucifer, Leopold and Magnolia came 3rd and all three got LCAC
Charlotte'russe Mercedes was on shared 4th place and got LCAC  

Unfortunately our girl SMM-10 Paris-Paloma Fi-It who loves running stopped in the finals. She has hurt herself earlier in the spring and she will not be compeating for a while...

© Ella Niinistö

© Ella Niinistö

© Ella Niinistö

© Ella Niinistö


Finnish Borzoi Club Show 
in Mustiala Finland 11.5.2011
Over 150 borzois were entered!!
BIS-BREEDER with Honors Prize: Kennel Charlotte'russe
Charlotte'russe Lucifer 3rd in intermediate class with CQ
Charlotte'russe Ludwig 4th in intermediate class
INT Ch Charlotte'russe Hillvilldur 3rd in champion class (20 championfemales)
Charlotte'russe Hillvilldur with pups were BIS-progeny-group
Charlotte'russe Marco Polo's progeny-group was 2nd
Charlotte'russe where among the 3 best movers at the show
Over 150 borzois were entered!!
Thank you judges Jean Clare, UK (kennel Ryazan) and Don Foran, UK (kennel Donskoi)!

© Ella Niinistö
Hillvilldur 3rd in chamipionclass (20 female champions)

© Ella Niinistö
Lucifer 3rdwith CQ  in intermediateclass
and among the three best movers at the whole show

© Ella Niinistö
Ludwig 4th in intermediateclass

© Ella Niinistö
BIS BREEDER kennel Charlotte'russe

© Ella Niinistö
BIS PROGENY Charlotte'russe Hillvilldur with offspring

© Ella Niinistö
2nd best progeny Charlotte'russe Marco Polo with offspring


LC & Track Ch JK-98 TS-00 VMR-02 VMM-03 Charlotte'russe Doolittle turned 15 years old the  2 of June! 
She was born 2.6.1996! It brings tears to our eyes to know that she is still alive and well <3 
Congratulations to her and her owners Eero and Kati!!

© Charlotte'russe


Dogshow in Tuuri Finland 28.5.2011
Charlotte'russe Kontzales won CAC and BOS
Thank you judge Harri Lehkonen, Finland!

© Virva Sundberg


Dogshow in Telese, Italy 22.5.2011
Charlotte'russe Leoncavallo won CAC BOB and BOG-1
Fantastic result!!!
Thank you judges Ernesto Capra and Angiolina Casale, Italy!

Here winning Best of Group!


Dogshow in Telese, Italy 21.5.2011
Charlotte'russe Leoncavallo won CAC
Thank you judge Pietro Marino, Italy!


INT Dogshow in Kotka 21.5.2011
Charlotte'russe Michelangelo BM-4
Thank you judge Frederica Lochs-Romans, Netherlands!
Congrats to owner Annika :-)


Dogshow in Rauma 14.5.2011
Charlotte'russe Leopold was BM-2 with Reserve-Cac
Charlotte'russe Isolde's two sons and daughter had a great day aswell:
Marosnaje Aifal Aristovul was BM-1 with CAC
Marosnaje Aleksandr Ahotnik was BM-3
and Marosnaje Anastasija Ljuba got Reserve-Cac
Thank you judge Maria Dekaristou, Greece!


2 x International dogshow Athens, Greece 14.5 + 15.5.2011
13.5: Charlotte'russe Lady Chatterly got Reserve-CAC and Reserve-CACIB and became NEW GREEK CHAMPION
14.5: Ch Charlotte'russe Lady Chatterly was Group-4 and BOB with CAC and CACIB and with qualification for CRUFTS
Thank you judges Krystyna Opara and Janusz Opara from Poland!

© Dem Paste


Lure coursing in Ylistaro 8.5.2011
Charlotte'russe Mercedes made her debut gaining 3rd place with 469 points!
Congrats to Liisa and Mauri :-)


International dogshow Vesuvio Winner 2011 Ercolano, Italy 8.5.2011
New Vesuvio Winner 2011 is
Charlotte'russe Leoncavallo who was BOB with JCAC 
from juniorclass and became Vesuvio Winner 2011 
Congrats to owner Marcella!!
Thank you judge Nina Karatshlivi, Russia!


Paris-Paloma Fi-It has been DNA tested 
and we are very happy with the result of the analysis :-)


International dogshow Lappeenranta 23.4.2011
Charlotte'russe Leopold was BM-3 with reserve CAC

Charlotte'russe Lucifer was BM-4
Thank you judge Saija Juutilainen!


International dogshow Lahti 22.42011
Charlotte'russe Leopold
won the intermediate males and got CQ
Fi Ch SMM-04 Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller was BOB-Veteran with CQ
Thank you judge Ludmila Fintorova, SK!

© Jin
Charlotte'russe Leopold

© Jin
BOB-veteran Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller


Our N-litter was born on the 19th of April 2011
2 males and 4 females
Mother and pups are all doing well :-)
mother: Charlotte'russe Isadora
father: INT & FI & RU & EE & LT & LV & DK & SE & NO Ch EEW-06 BaltW-07 Zevs Iz Razdolia


Pekingese-puppies were born on the 09th of April 2011
4 males and 1 female
Mother and pups are all doing well :-)


International dogshow Athens, Greece 2.4.+ 3.4.2011
Charlotte'russe Lady Chatterly won both days!
2 x CAC 2 x CACIB 2 x BOB and 2 x GROUP-3
at the age of 16 months!
Huge congratulations to her owner George :-)
And thank you judges Javier Sanchez Fernandez, Vidal Montero and Carloc Saecich (group Sunday)!


SMM-10 Paris-Paloma Fi-It is BOB Lure Coursing Borzoi 2010!
She is also BOB lure coursing borzoi-new comer 2010
and #2 Allround Borzoi!
BOB All round borzoi is Int Ch Charlotte'russe Glenn Gould's daughter
INT* & FI & EE & BY Ch FI & EE LC Ch BaltJW-08 ClubJW-08 SVKLMM-08 CVM-10 Rousen Cheslava!!


Winter lurecoursing 12.03.2011
Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene took part of the unofficial juniorcompetition and won it with 259 points (there was only oe round for juniors)!

© Pekka Elkelä
Lili Marlene in front with her brother Lucifer following close behind


Kaarina dogshow 05.03.2011
Charlotte'russe Leopold got excellent with CQ and reserve-CAC
FI Ch SMM-03 Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller was BM-4 and BOS-veteran!
Thank you judge Linda Worthy, Great Britain

© Pekka Elkelä
Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller approaching 9 years of age!!!


International dogshow in Turku 23.01.2011
Charlotte'russe Leopold got excellent with CQ and was paced among the five best males.
Thank you judge Christophe Coppel, France!




International Helsinki Winner-2010 dogshow 24.12.2010
Over 20 males alone were entered and Charlotte'russe Leopold got Reserve-CAC!
Thank you judge Alexey Belkin, Russia!


International dogshow Seinäjoki 24.10.2010
Charlotte'russe Michelangelo entered his first show, won the junior class and was  BM-2 with CAC!
Congrats to his owner Annika for a great debut!
Thank you judge Björg Foss, Norway!

© Linda MS


Finnish Borzoi Club's Lure Coursing Master-Championships 2010
Jaala 25.9.2010
FBC's Lure coursing Master 2010 and BOB-Winner: SMM-10 Paris-Paloma Fi-It
Over 40 borzois were competing!
Paloma got 508 points with CQ and she got a special prize for full points for speed 
which the judge in question had never before given to a borzoi!!

© Ella Niinistö


Mediterranean Winner show 2010 - Ercolano, Italy 19.9.2010
Charlotte'russe Leoncavallo was BOB-junior and gained the title Junior Mediterranean Winner 2010
Thank you judge Stefan Sinko, Slovenia

The day before Leoncavallo's cousin Fi Ch Rousen Cheslava (Int Ch Charlotte'russe Glenn Gould's daughter) 
was BOS at the Sighthound Speciality Show in Lahtis, Finland with 42 borzois entered!
Thank you judge Darko Petreski, Croatia
Below left BOB Rajalinjan Flash Thowra, right BOS Rousen Cheslava

© kennel Rajalinjan


Lure coursing, Kuopio 11.9.2010
2# Paris-Paloma Fi-It  with 494 points and CAC :-)
This was her fourth LC CAC this year !!



Ödeshög, Sweden 28.8.2010
The Swedish annual borzoi-meeting
Charlotte'russe Jidefix was BIS!!
Thank you judge Lillemor Croneryd, kennel Leicro

© Annette Norrell


Finnish Lure Coursing Championships 2010
Jyväskylä 22.8.2010
Winner: Paris-Paloma Fi-It 
462 points and CAC
She also got the title Finnish Lure Coursing Champion 2010 "SMM-10"

© A. Räsänen


Turun elonäyttely (Raisio) dogshow 15.8.2010
Charlotte'russe Isadora BB-4 reserve-CAC
Charlotte'russe Isolde's puppies Marosnaje Anjushka Agafia and
Marosnaje Aleksandr Ahotnik were BOB- and BOS-puppies!
Int Ch Charlotte'russe Glenn Gould's daughter Rousen Cheslava was BB-2 with CAC and became New FI CH!
Thank you judge Miklos Levente, Hungary 


International Lure coursing competition
Mustiala 14.8.2010
Winner: Paris-Paloma Fi-It !!
winning CAC and CACIL



Turun elonäyttely (Raisio) dogshow 14.8.2010
Charlotte'russe Appassionato was BM-4 and  Conanimus Nefeli was BB-4!
Thank you judge Barbara Müller, Switzerland! 


International dogshow Kuopio 6.8.2010
Ch Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller was BOB-veteran and BM-4!
Charlotte'russe Mercedes was BOB-junior with excellent! 
Thank you judge Andrew Brace, Great-Britain 


Mäntsälä 18.7.2010
Charlotte'russe Ludwig BOB-puppy!! 
Thank you judge John Philip, India


Helsinki Kartano Weekend 17.7.2010
Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene was BOB-puppy and BIS-4!!
Charlotte'russe Leopold was BOS-puppy
and their father Vega Shelk Futark was BOB!
Paris-Paloma Fi-It was 3rd in her big class of 9 youngsters with excellent!
Charlotte'russe Kalvados was BM-4 with reserve-CAC!
Thank you judge Elvira V. Romanenkova, Russia

© Mari
Lili Marlene on the left and Leopold on the right

© Marika Lamminen
Lili Marlene BIS-4 puppy

© Mari
Futark BOB

© Tytti
Kalvados BM-4

© Mari
Paris-Paloma excellent


Lure coursing Ylistaro 10.7.2010
 Paris-Paloma Fi-It was 2# with CQ and 484 points!! 


Puppyshow Helsinki 20.6.2010
Charlotte'russe Lucifer was BOB and BIG-3!! 
Thank you judge Unto Timonen

© Roger Westerlund


Finnish Borzoi Speciality show 12.6.2010
Charlotte'russe Lili Marlene was BIS-puppy!! 
Thank you judges Zorica Salijevic, Slovenia and Lisbet Utke Tamsing, Denmark!

© Johanna Hellgren
Lili Marlene on the left


Aura dogshow 12.6.2010
Charlotte'russe Appassionato was Best Of Breed with CAC!
Thank you judge Kerstin Nilsson, Denmark! 


Charlotte'russe Marco Polo 
(Ch Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller / Mavra Iz Razdolia)

© Jin

6th of June 2010 there were born a litter 
at kennel Vimern Sawtooth (5+4)!! 
Proud mother is 
Charlotte'russe Jekaterina 
( Ch Dshomini van Troybhiko / Ch Leicro's Russian Zhadja) 
and proud father is 
Charlotte'russe Marco Polo
(Ch Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller / Mavra Iz Razdolia)

Colours: dark brindle, red, fawnbrindle, white with grey markings. Congratulations Eija :-)

For more info go to Litters and from there to Jekaterina's or Marco Polo's own page!
Or you can contact Eija Pennanen directly by email empennanen(a)gmail.com or ask us for info!

Charlotte'russe Jekaterina 
( Ch Dshomini van Troybhiko / Ch Leicro's Russian Zhadja) 

© Jin

© Eija Pennanen


LC & Track Ch JK-98 TS-00 VMR-02 VMM-03 Charlotte'russe Doolittle turns 14 years old today, born 2.6.1996! 
Congratulations to her and her owners Eero and Kati!!


Järvenpää dogshow 30.5.2010
Charlotte'russe Kardemumma was again BB-2 gaining her second CAC in a row!
Thank you judge Maret Kärdi, Estonia! 


Helsinki international APTUS dogshow 23.5.2010
Charlotte'russe Kardemumma was BB-2 gaining CAC and reserve-CACIB!
Thank you judge Roel van Veen-Keur, Netherlands! 

© Jin


Hyvinkää, Lure coursing 22.5.2010
Paris-Paloma Fi-It 
was 2nd :-) no finals were organized because of bad weather.... 

© Johanna Hellgren


Lieto, Lure coursing 16.5.2010
Int Ch Charlotte'russe Glenn Gould's daughter LC ch Rousen Cheslava
was at her 6th Finnish LC competition and got her 6th win and qualified for the European LC competition 2010!!


Rauma dogshow 16.5.2010
Our pekingese Conanimus Nefeli was BB-2 gaining CAC!
Thank you judge Joan Beech, Canada! 


Helsinki puppy show 15.5.2010 
Charlotte'russe Leopold
was BOS-puppy (on the right in photo)
and his brother Charlotte'russe Lucifer was a good second with honorsprize!
Thank you judge Matti Luoso!

© Roger Westerlund


© Lotta Järvinen
Marco Polo on the left as BM-4 10 months old!

Mynämäki dogshow 15.5.2010 

Charlotte'russe Helga Notte's daughter Polongain Milena
was BB-2 and got res-CAC!
Charlotte'russe Marco Polo
was BM-4 with res-CAC from junior class only 10 months old!
Thank you judge Dorotea Hanlon-Carroll (Irland)!

© Lotta Järvinen
Helga Notte's daughter placing BB-2



Charlotte'russe Lady Chatterly "Karlotta" went to her first show competing in baby-puppy-class in Athens 08.05. 
She was BOB-baby and Best in Show-3!!!!! Congrats Karlotta and George!!


Int Ch Charlotte'russe Glenn Gould's daughter Rousen Cheslava "Unna" attained her 5th lure coursing competition in Finland 08.05
It was the Finnish Cup '10 - competition. She won gaining her 5th win in a row and became both Finnish and Estonian Lure Coursing champion 
and gained the titel CVM-10 as well! Congrats to Unna and her breeder Carita!!


Charlotte'russe Mercedes was BOS puppy in Kaarina 06.03!
Thank you judge Nicklas Eriksson (Sweden)!

© Katja Nurmi


 Paris-Paloma Fi-It made her lure coursing debut 28th of February 2010 gaining 2nd place and winning her first lure coursing CAC!!!!

© Irene Vinha


Welcome to our new family member Conanimus Nefeli from Cyprus! She is a lovely red pekingese girl with the sweetest of temperaments! 
For pictures look under Our Pekingese and Nefeli :-)


Charlotte'russe Isolde became a proud mother at kennel Marosnaje 26th of December 2009 (4+4)!! 
Proud father is Be like Daddy Royal Lily (Orlow Kalinow / Tagentiala Nijinski Ballet)
Congratulations Riikka :-) For more info go to Links and from there click on Kennel Marosnaje

© Riikka Ojutkangas


Charlotte'russe Kontzales was BM-3 with reserve CAC at the Winter Dog Show in Turku 24.1!
Thank you judge Lotte Jörgensen and congratulations to Virva and Janne :-)



Charlotte'russe Moskwitch was BOS puppy in Helsinki 10.1!
Charlotte'russe Magnolia came second in her class with honors prize!
Thank you judge Eeva Resko (Finland)!

© Essi Vuohu


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