Hillvilldur Our L-litter was born 20.11.09!!
4 males and 3 females
Proud parents Vega Shelk Futark and our Hillvilldur


Hillvilldur was mated with Vega Shelk Futark, "Hani" late September!
Puppies are expected late November.
And CONGRATULATIONS to Hani for completing his international championship November the 1st!!!


Charlotte'russe Isadora was BB-4 in Turku 9.08.2009! Thank you judge Alfredo Alessandri (Italy)!
Paris-Paloma Fi-It was placed second of four bitches in junior class and got EXCellent! A very promising debut :-)


The K-litter turned 1 year the 20th of July! Happy Birthday!!!

©Jaana S


Our M-litter was born 14th of July!! 7 males and 2 females! Darkbrindle, red and white and black and white! For more info look under Puppies and there M-litter 


Our M-litter's proud father to be Glenn Miller's hips have been exrayed and came back with the excellent result A/A :-D


Arina Mraja (co-owned with kennel Marelden Sweden) was BIS import (below on the left) at the Swedish Speciality show 24.5!
Thank you breeder judge Astrid Wolf!

Charlotte'russe Jidefix (below) was BM-4 at the Swedish Sighthound Speciality 23.5 in Bosjökloster!
Thank you judge Regina Tromp-Pruyn, The Netherlands
Our Arina Mraja was BOS intemediate at the same show!


Mavra Iz Razdolia was mated with Fin Ch SMM-04 Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller the 13.-14.5! puppies expected week 20!
Below is Marra's and Miller's dancing act :-)

© Lotta Järvinen


Charlotte'russe Kontzales was BOB puppy at the International Dog show in Tampere 14.-15.3!
Thank you judge Birgit Piesik (Germany)!


Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller made his operadebut this winter ;-) starring in Verdi's Don Carlos in Tampere!
Miller is second from the left with his owner Mauri Räsänen and Liisa Tuominen on the right, just moments before hitting the stage!

© Staraja Russa





This fall we have concentrated on our newcomer Paloma and getting her aquainted with everyday life here in Finland.
BUT we did have one very special event this fall!!
In November Charlotta visited Kennel Phaedra in the USA!!!!!
A fantastic visit with fantastic people and fantastic dogs! Kevin and Carol THANK YOU so much for your wonderful hospitality
and I will see you soon again ;-)

©Kevin T. Shimel


Charlotte'russe Isadora won Reserve-CAC in Porvoo 14.09.08 with over 30 borzois entered!
Judge: Jean Jaques Dupas, France


Congratulations to new Finnish and Russian Champion and Cacib-winner Vega Shelk Futark!!


Ch C'r Glenn Miller was BM-4 at the International Show in Pori. Judge Steven Seymour, Australia!


Int Ch C'r Hillvilldur was mated 24, 25 and 27 of July with Finnish Junior Winner-07 Vega Shelk Futark!!!!!
©Roger Westerlund



Ch Marelden's Solita Shapelissa gave birth to five puppies 20.07!!
2 girls and 3 boys!!
For more info look under Puppies


Charlotte'russe Jules Verne took CQ and a final placement in Lure coursing in Hyvinkää, Finland

Charlotte'russe Jidefix was BM-3 and won his first CAC
in Sweden 29.6.08!
Charlotte'russe Isadora was BB-3 and got Reserve-CAC 28.6.08 in Finland!
S Ch Marelden's Solita Shapelissa came BB-4 at the
INT show in Rovaniemi 22.6.08!
Solita is pregnant and we are expecting
puppies in week 29!
Charlotte'russe Hillvilldur's
International Championship-title
has been confirmed :-D

©Ella Niinistö


Charlotte'russe Jidefix was SBOS intermediate at
the Swedish Borzoi Club's Speciality 16.05.08 Judge Marie Gadolin!!

Charlotte'russe Jules Verne was fifth in this weekend's lurecoursing competition in Turku 17.-18-5 with 435 points and CQ.
He was second best male and qualified for the EM-competition this year!!!!!

©Ella Niinistö


Hillvilldur's hips were X-rayed in April and now the official results from the Finnish kennel club have come:
Hips A/A
Hillvilldur and Charlotta laughing together :-D


New INTERNATIONAL and Estonian Champion Charlotte'russe Hillvilldur!!
Thank you judge Wilfried Peper for giving Hilldur the CACIB that completed her title!


©Rita Teek

Tallinn INT 10.02.2008 Judge: Wilfried Peper, Germany
Fin&Dk Ch Charlotte'russe Hillvilldur


Charlotte'russe Isadora was mated with Fin & S Ch EuW-06 SW-08 Marelden's Rom Russin(below) in December '07.
are expected in week 6 this year 2008.



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