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Dob. 14.7.2009

FI Ch SMM-04 Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller / Mavra Iz Razdolia

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FI Ch SMM-04 
Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller

Mavra Iz Razdolia

© Lotta Järvinen

Finnish Champion and Finland's Lure Courser 2004 
Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller
(hips A/A)

3 x lure coursing CC
BOS Lure courser 2005
TOP 10 Track borzoi 2004
Set new track record in Tampere in 2004 280m 19,95 seconds
Finland's Lure Courser 2004 (SMM-04)
Finnish Show Champion
BOS winner

"Miller" gained his champion title with ease,
 but has not been shown much since,
only at rare occasions gaining Excellent or 
Best male placements or Best male every time.

He is the son of both International Champion and 
Lure Coursing Champion Charlotte'russe Esmeralda.

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Mavra Iz Razdolia

 "Marra" is a late maturing young bitch (3 years old)  from the famous
Russian kennel Iz Razdolia.
Instead of plastic bags she prefers the real thing:
she hunts whenever she is free in the forrest...
Her littermates have done very well at hunting trials in Russia!

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Charlotte'russe Manolito

Charlotte'russe Malcolm

Charlotte'russe Maxmilian

Charlotte'russe Maverick

Charlotte'russe Moskwitch

Charlotte'russe Michelangelo

Charlotte'russe Marco Polo

PMM-11 Charlotte'russe Magnolia

SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Mercedes




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Pups 1 day old
1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 and 1/2 weeks
5 and 1/2 weeks
6 and 1/2 weeks
7 and 1/2 weeks
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© Johanna Hellgren
Mavra with three of her kids on a very windy day in June 2010.
Mercedes, Manolito, Marco Polo and mother Mavra. Kids 11 months old.


Pedigree M-litter


FI Ch SMM-04
Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller



FI & EE Ch
Zchatsaj's Efim

FI & S Ch
Ardagan's Yondalar

D & LUX Ch
Ardagan's Warlock

Flavia de Tschesskaja

S Ch
Zchatsaj's Chegorowa
Timirinja's Birik Czarinjin

Polongain Pamjatka

CIB & FI & Dk & LT Ch KBHV-04
Lure Coursing Ch
Charlotte'russe Esmeralda
Margiitan Bolshoj Baccanal Dk Ch BJGSG Zarina's Diavolo
Margiitan Ödelia Özbaazia
CIB & FI & S & EE Ch
Margiitan Huhtikuunhuumaa
CIB & FI Ch W-91
Margiitan Yks Yrjö Yrjänä
Margiitan April

Mavra Iz Razdolia

RU & BY & UA Ch FT-Hare
Cherny Monarch Iz Razdolia

Gilay Rusich
Klingsor's Gazhi

CIB & Ru & UA Ch


RU CH FT-Hare & -Fox
Leicro's Russian Zolka Zara


Leicro's Russian Zwartkopf
Wassilow v Triumfus Dyonisos
S Ch
Leicro's Russian Zoja
Leicro's Russian Zolka Zatre DK & S Ch
Leicro's Russian Ztorm Eagle
S Ch
Sholwood Shot Silk

Inbreeding 0,05 %
(Nadir v Triumfus Dyonisos found once behind both Marra and Glenn Miller in their 5th generation)

 Glenn Miller 5 years old in 2007

 © Ella Niinistö

 © Ella Niinistö

 © Tarja Savinen
Glenn MiIller at the European Lure Coursing Championships 2006

 Glenn Miller placing 2nd Youngster at the Finnish Borzoi Speciality 2004

Glenn Miller 6 weeks

© Lotta Järvinen

© Lotta Järvinen

© Lotta Järvinen

© Lotta Järvinen

© Lotta Järvinen

© Lotta Järvinen
Marra and Isadora

© Natalia Budisheva
Marra's brother Muromez iz Razdolia hunting in Russia...
To read more about Marra's sisters and brothers go to breeders Natalia & Sergei Uvarov's homepage
kennel Iz Razdolia


Marra and Miller having their matingdance ;-)

© Lotta Järvinen