Nivala 18.-19.7.2005

We drove up to Nivala for a two day long dog exhibition. We had Tinttu, Rölli and Mesimarja with us.

I wanted to include this picture even if it's not from Nivala...
It is actually taken Denmark on a boat that was standing on dry land (dry winter dock). We carried Tinttu up a high latter in the evening and we all spent the night in the boat. This picture was taken in the morning when Charlotta had gone to brush her teeth and Tinttu was gazing after her...


Now we are back in Nivala  

preparing ourselves for the ring (Charlotta & Tinttu)..

Tinttu gaining BOS and winning her third Cacib in Nivala 18.7.2005, judge Henrik Johansson, Sweden.


Afterwards we shared a sausage... and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in a nice scenery, Tinttu, Rölli and Mesimarja  :-)


The next day Mesimarja was BB-2 with reserve-Cac and Rölli won BOB, Cac and his first Cacib and went on to the BIG-ring.

What a weekend....

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