J-litter's "almost" First Birthday


18.08.2007 our J-litter met up to celebrate their 1st birthday, two months in advance though... It's nicer to meet up in the summer than in the October..
All the littermates living in Finland came. Along were also some guest-stars :-)
A lot of dogs and a lot of people, end result: a very nice afternoon spent in Kaarninko.
Thank you everyone for being there and making this day a success!!

Copyright Jin!
Thank you Jin for letting us use these wonderful photos :-)

The day starts off...
Synnöve and Eija  surrounded by the young sisters Jing jang Jelena and Jekaterina followed by the red Coverdale's Kleopatra ("Kiira") with Charlotte'russe Isilya Elenya on her rigt.
Behind them our Isadora and Ferdinand.

Sisters Jekaterina and Jing Jang Jelena ("Jelena") on the left going about and sisters Isadora and Isilya Elenya ("Siska")
on the right.

Miika and Charlotta watching Mavra Iz Razdolia and Charlotte'russe Jewel-star (Alexi) playing.

Jelena greeting brother Jules Verne ("Lancelot")

Look at me...Jekaterina and Jelena

A flying Alexi with Marra close behind.

"Please dance with me"... Lancelot trying to flirt with
the older lady Fatima (Ferdinand's sister),
who also has found her way to Kaarninko 

Here we go again... Siska and Jelena...

A thirsty Aleksi

A swimming Marra with the veteran Leicro's Russian Zhadja
following close behind

This Lancelot likes :-)

One of the girls prefers a warm lap instead of cold water...
Jekaterina with Miika

Siska joins the waterclub


Siska sunbathing...

A summercoated Charlotte'russe Hillvilldur is also at the party

Lancelot with Ari

Wonderful old gentleman Febo

Lots of dogs ;-)

And then we had some "guest-stars"

Richsofi Suven Illusia

Deklarus St-Flame Spirit

And a few more...


Lancelot with guest-star Ansu

Slowly some started getting tired



And some even more

Ferdinand found the coolest place in the yard...
under the car...


The End