Est & Dk Ch
Richsofi Suven Illusia

(Con Animus Baileys / Sabrina)

Dob.6.8.2004 Female
Breeder: Susanna Charalambous, Cyprus
Owner: Kennel Charlotte'russe




BOB  and BOS Winner
CACIB Winner
Estonian and Danish Champion

Mesimarja is the mother of our first Pekingese-litter

"Mesimarja" is a small old type Pekingese. She came to us from Cyprus to keep Rölli company. It is always more fun to have a friend of your own size and temperament... She is of excellent pedigree with famous Finnish and foreign bloodlines, like Backlee-, Laredge-, and Hotpoint-dogs. This little girl is a wonderful creature. She is extremely active, almost too impatient to walk. She would actually prefer running I think... She has inherited Morris's place as a guardian of Kaarninko even if she is ten times smaller than he was; She is very important about her domain. Another thing, quite peculiar, is that she LOVES bags, being on top of them or in them, sleeping on top of bags or inside bags... She is our "laukku-Alma" (Finnish for bag-lady). Her character is excellent and she is a fantastic mother.

Mesimarja with Charlotta in the ring 2005.

Mesimarja with Synnöve in Tallinn 2006.




Mesimarja and Tinttu on the road...

Mesimarja with her puppies Christmas 2007