Finnish & Estonian Show Champion 
Lure Coursing Ch
SMM-01 VMM-06
Charlotte'russe Ferdinand


(Charlotte'russe Derrick /
CIB & FI & DK & LT Ch KbhV-04 Lure coursing Ch Charlotte'russe Esmeralda)

Owner: Kennel Charlotte'russe



© Fredrick Strengell

Finnish and Estonian Show Champion

Finnish Borzoi Club's
#11 All-round 2000
TOP 10 Field 2000
BOB Field 2001
Top 5 Field 2002

Winner of the Finnish Championship race 2001
- Lure coursing (SMM-01)
BIS-3 working dog at Finnish Sighthound Speciality 2003
BOS Winner of Veteran Championships 2005 LC
BOB Winner of Veteran Championships 2006 - LC (VMM-06)


Photo:Charlotta Sevon
© Kennel Charlotte'russe


"Febo" was our "happy dog". He was a wonderful male to live with, and a versatile hobby-borzoi. Running and hunting was what he loved the most, so much that he almost got depressed if he didn't have the chance to run around free. His was exceptionally well tempered and affectionate with both dogs and people, 
to the extent that people who meet him fall in love with him. his fantastic character shines through his racing statistics:
He has run clean races without ever being disqualified during his 6 year long carrier as a lure courser. He was one of his times absolut best runners.
2006 being his last year of racing (because of him turning eight years) he was chosen for the Finnish team at the European Lure Coursing Championships 2006 
placing second best Finnish male borzoi 12/22, and this at the age of over 7 years of age.


Photo:Ella Niinisto
©Ella Niinistö


Photo:Tarja Savinen
©Tarja Savinen

Photo:Tarja Savinen
©Tarja Savinen



Photo:Paula Tiittanen
©Paula Tiittanen

©Kennel Charlotte'russe

©Kennel Charlotte'russe



Photo:Paula Tiittanen
©Paula Tiittanen


Febo approaching 10  years of age


©Miika Ylipahkala
Febo almost 8 years old



© Lotta Järvinen

Febo in the summer of 2009 approaching 11 years of age. 
Here with Charlotta, Kasanova and Jekaterina.