Our Family


Here you find pictures of our family with our dogs... children and grandchildren etc....

Martti, Hannele and Jerry with the Synnöve's grandchildren Artur and Sonja with our Mesimarja and Rölli.

Young Sonja with Morris.

Nadju and Magnus in a laughing-competition

Charlotta and Hillvilldur (Nadju's granddaughter) also in a

Febo and Jerry

Charlotta, Hillvilldur and Febo laughing

Magnus's fiancée Satu with Mesimarja

A young Willdur playing with Hannele's and Martti's son Artur

Synnöve and Jerry getting engaged, Peppi and Bavarotti as "witnesses"...

Synnöve with Rölli


Charlotta and Febo walking on the ice outside Helsinki.

Magnus' and Satu's son Bertram playing with Adalmina.

Synnöve with our cat Ebba Samatha Faithful Burrboll.