©Lotta Järvinen
"Lotta" in 1998 before a lure coursing competition

JK-98 TS-00 VMR-02 VMM-03
Fin Lure coursing & Track Ch
Charlotte'russe Doolittle

(Margiitan Bacchus Bianco / Fin Ch Marleden's Faronja Felitsa)
Owner: Kati & Eero Tammisalo, Tampere Finland

She set new records on all distances and tracks where she ran.
Her records remained unbroken by others throughout her active carrier.

  Finnish Borzoi Club's
BOB Lure coursing 1998
TOP 5 All-round 1998
TOP 5 LC 1999 & 2000
TOP 5 Oval Track 1998 & 1999 &2002
BOB Oval Track 2000
TOP 10 LC 2002
#1 Winner of The Kings race -track (JK-98)
#1 Winner of Star Sprinter 2000 - track (TS-00)

#1 Winner of Veterans 2002 - track (VMR-02)
#1 Winner of Veterans 2003 - LC (VMM-03)


A very eager Lotta before a track race. 
(Photo with courtecy of Tarja Mäkinen) 

© Tarja Mäkinen
Lotta with Kati and Eero and a dogfriend

© Tarja Mäkinen
Lotta and her cousin Charlotte'russe Ferdinand at a coursing competition in 2002

A happy Lotta in May 2011 soon turning 15 years old!!! 

Soon to be 15 year old Lotta in May 2011 enjoying the flowers :-) 

"Lotta" on the left, with her cousin Charlotte'russe Filifjonka enjoying the snow...

 The 13 year old Lotta!!





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