Synnöve (left) has always "kept her hands busy" artistically. 
In the 60's and 70's she painted on porcelain, then she started designing clothes, and today she is occupied with making paintings out of different texture. 
She is also good in using words as her instrument, which has resulted in a lot of poems about our dogs and our life with them. She is currently writing a novel about life in Kaarninko with borzois.

Under the links below you can find different works of hers from different genres.



The Borzoi Creation Narrative

Only one big bang
And from the deepest bowels of the earth
A primal force unleashed itself,
Inundating the endless steppes of the earth
- the beauty, the Borzoi;
The excellence of speed, movement and balanced harmony
- and man became whole.

- Synnöve Sevón -

Borzoin luomiskertomus

Vain kerran jyrähti
ja maan syvi
en uumenten alkuvoimasta
singahti ilmoille, Telluksen laajoille aroille
- borzoi, tuo vauhdin liikkeiden,
sopusuhtaisuuden ja kauneuden ihme
- ja ihminen tuli kokonaiseksi.

- Synnöve Sevón -



One of her artworks. Caricatures of borzoi heads


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