Photo:Charlotta Sevon
Our borzois in the Kaarninko forest

INT & FI & S & EE Ch 
Margiitan Huhtikuunhuumaa

Margiitan Borodin Burotzki

INT & FI & DK & LT Ch KBHV-04 Lure Coursing Ch 
Charlotte'russe Esmeralda

FI & EE Ch Lure Coursing Ch SMM-01 VMM-06 
Charlotte'russe Ferdinand 

Charlotte'russe Isadora

Kennel Charlotte'russe

We got our first borzoi in 1991 and we instantly fell in love with the breed. Our dogs have taught us so much about life, living, other people and our selves and we are most grateful for everything our dogs have given us. They have truely enriched our lives!

Our first bozoi was a red & white bitch by the name Margiitan Huhtikuunhuumaa (INT & FI & S & EE Ch) from kennel Margiitan. She was a very intelligent and playful bitch with lots of funny habits. Her half-sister Margiitan Ödelia Özbaazia joined our family soon after. She too was a beauty and a real queen. These two wonderful borzois taught us a lot about this remarkable breed and they were the start of a life long commitment. They are the reason why we today almost can't imagine a life without borzois.

The first borzoi puppies that were born under our roof was kennel Margiitan's B-litter in 1995. A teenaged Charlotta flew to Copenhagen with Ödelia to visit Hjördis Wied-Hansen and her kennel Zarina. There Ödelia was met by the handsome grey&white Ch Zarina's Diavolo. This lovestory resulted in a big litter with strong jaws, big sizes and lots of bones. 3 males stayed at home Margiitan Bavarotti, Margiitan Borodin Burotzki and Margiitan Bolshoj Baccanal. The fantastically sweet Bolshoj was mated to Margiitan Liana Larissa and the first litter, the C-litter, under the name of Charlotte'russe was born. This litter we never used for breeding but our next two litters, the D- and E-litter were to become the foundation of our future.

Margiitan Bacchus Bianco and Ch Marelden's Faronja Felitsa were the proud parents of our D-litter. It was true love with this couple and they produced some very fast and intelligent kids with superb temperaments. The puppies' owners still 15 years later talk about these mind-readers, as this crowd was. Lure coursing & Track Ch JK-98 TS-00 VMR-02 VMM-3 Charlotte'russe Doolittle, the oldest from the litter, is a real ironlady 15 years of age going about in her home up and down the stairs still being the queen of the household. Her brother Ch Detective Morris we highly regret that we did not use for breeding.... He had a fantastic temperament, a wide bite and excellent bonestructure. Fortunately we used his brother Derrick and thanks to that we did not loose this great bloodline.

Our E-litter was a true success story with the International showchampion and Lure coursing champion Charlotte'russe Esmeralda. She was our jewel and she can be found behind most of our litters. She was mated to Derrick and produces our lovely F-litter were we kept the male Ferdinand who had his father's and grandfather Bolshoj's loving temperament. Esmeralda was also mated to Ch Zchatsa'js Efim twice, our G- and H-litter, because the first litter turned out so small and they were very promising. We kept a female from the second litter INT & FI & DK & EE Ch Charlotte'russe Hillvilldur. A female with great bite, chest, front, ribcage and overall bonestructure.

Our I-litter was a litter with a very interesting pedigree. The collaboration with kennel Rajalinjan was fruitful and gave us some lovely pups. They have not been shown much but fortunately Isolde was used for breeding in kennel Marosnaje and Isadora finally gave pups to us at the age of six. Here the blood of the intelligent minds of the late D-litter is to be found.

The next two litters, the J- and K-litter, were a collaboration with Maria Annala, kennel Marelden, in that the mother of our J-litter was her dog and both parents of our K-litter were hers. These are the only two litter so far were you can't find any Charlotte'russe in the pedigree.

Litter M came about in that one of the owners of a female from our D-litter had brought a bitch to Finland from the russian kennel Iz Razdolia. Lotta's Mavra Iz Razdolia is a bitch with great hunting instict but she was always so missfortunate with accidents and coming into season during her best coursing years, that she was never able to show her true potential in lure coursing as had her sisters and brothers. We mated her with Ch SMM-04 Charlotte'russe Glenn Miller in 2009 and it has resulted once again in some very kind temperaments, strong bones and fast runners.

INT Ch Hillvilldur gained her titles at a young age but she came to be a mother at a more muture age. She was mated to the russian import INT Ch Vega Shelk Futark in 2009. These puppies all have wide bites, good temperaments and good bonestructure. Two of them were sold abroad, Vesuvio W-11 MedJW-10 Leoncavallo to Italy and Greek Ch Lady Chatterly to Greece. 

Our last litter was a marriage between Int Ch Zevs Iz Razdolia and Charlotte'russe Isadora in March 2011. This was a combination of famous lines from both Russia and Finland and it remains to be seen what the future holds for these black and tan youngsters.  

Our newest addition to our breeding program is our Czech import SMM-10 Paris-Paloma Fi-it. She has turned out to be a true darling with a great huntinginstinct and solid bonestructure and she is to be the dame of our next litter. Her fiancée is our own breeding SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Leopold. 

We have lived with borzois now for 20 years and love our familymembers dearly. Our aim is to breed sound minded borzois, that are both beautiful and good working-dogs. We want to keep the genepool large and vital so we mix a lot of foreign blood in our lines. 

This breed was originally bred as hunting-dogs, a quality which must never be forgotten or disappear.

Kennel Charlotte'russe is run by Synnöve Sevón and her daughter Charlotta Sevón. 

We are proud to say that
the first Scandinavian Borzoi being both
Lure coursing Champion and
International Beauty Champion is our own

 CIB & FI & DK & LT CH KBHV-04 Lure Coursing CH
Charlotte'russe Esmeralda!

© Ella Niinistö
SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Mercedes
born 14.6.2009

Trial winner
4 x LC CAC
Winner of the Finnish Championships 2011 (females) - LC (SMM-11)
Winner of the Finnish Borzoiclub's LC Master-championships 2011


SMM-11 Charlotte'russe Leopold
born 20.11.2009

Trial winner
3 x LC CAC 
4 x show CAC
CACIB winner
Winner of the Finnish Lure coursing championships 2011 (males) - LC (SMM-11)
BOS and #2 at the Finnish Borzoiclub's LC Master-Championships 2011

Charlotte'russe Kalvados
born 20.7.2008

Best male placer
Reserve-CAC winner
(Shown only few times so far)


Synnöve with some of her paintings

Synnöve had an older lectureship in the Lyceum in Porvoo.
Her retireingdays she has devoted to her many passions:
writing, sewing both clothes and doing art.
You can find more of her art and poems under "Art"

Charlotta with our lovely "Febo",
FI & EE Ch  Lure Coursing Ch SMM-01 VMM-06
Charlotte'russe Ferdinand

Charlotta is a classical singer. She has done many opera roles and studied abroad. 
She finished her Masters at the Sibelius-Academy majoring in Opera in the spring of 2010. 
It is her second Masters, the first one is from the Royal Danish Music Conservatory.  
She is also a sought singing teacher and performs regularly in concerts and productions.


Above is pictures of where we live, Kaarninko. The black and white photo is Kaarninko in the year 1900.
The colour photo is Kaarninko in 2000.